Selling Your Home

Your current home just isn’t fitting your needs anymore. It happens! Throughout our life it’s common to want to upgrade your home, downsize or even just move out of the area. When faced with these monumental points in our life, you want to have a trusted real estate professional on your side. You want to work with someone who will get you the best sales price the market can provide for your home, someone who will help take the stress out of selling, and ultimately a friendly face to help prepare and guide you through the process.



In a great market like today, any agent can put your home on the market through the MLS and wait for a buyer or another agent to find it. That’s not the way we do business. Providing YOU with the attention and service you deserve, we provide a well thought-out and tailored marketing plan for each and every home that we list. During your seller sit-down session, we go over our marketing plan, show you examples of past marketing materials and set the stage for what to expect during the duration of your listing agreement.



First impression is EVERYTHING and there is no better first impression than a well photographed home. I know you’ve seen those houses on the market with the crooked pictures, dark rooms, and messy areas. It’s our job to ensure that your home is looking it’s best for potential buyers to WANT to schedule a tour of your home. We help you prepare a list of “to do” items before photographing your home and getting it ready to list. We also provide excellent quality photos and or video tours of your home.



Our Goal is to ALWAYS Get it SOLD! But, before we get there, every seller we work with has a “Seller Sit-Down Session”, that we mentioned earlier, before we begin the process. Nothing hurts a customer relationship more than the unknown or unprepared. We want you to be comfortable with us and the process, so we will outline for you the proper way to prep your home, what to expect while it’s actively being listed, and what will happen after it’s under contract. If you’re a pro at selling? No problem, we won’t bore you with the minutia but instead give you a nice overview just to refresh your memory of your past experiences. 

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