Step-by-Step Guide To Buying A Home

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Our 7 Steps For Success will be sure to get you on the right track for purchasing your new home!


To tell you that homebuying is all excitement, rainbows, and butterflies, wouldn’t be setting you up for the journey ahead. More often than not, it’s a crazy rollercoaster of emotions. However, this is where your trusted Real Estate expert steps in, to make it a smoother journey for you. Having someone who knows the ins and outs of the business will ultimately help move the process along to become an enjoyable experience. We can’t promise it will be perfect, but we will always do our best to make it an easy one. 


Working with a professional loan officer, to review your entire financial picture, will set you up for the best success in your buying process.  They will  review your monthly debt to income ratio, credit score, and other various items to help determine the right loan amount for you.  Before going to look at your first property, you want to make sure you are looking within your comfortable, budgeted range. We work with the best loan officers in the area and can get you in touch with one of them to get you started on your home buying process!



The easiest step of them all! We will be happy to help you with your new home search and give you the personalized service you deserve. We will have a few questions for you to help understand your wants and needs and move you along to step 3.


What we consider the 2nd most exciting part of the home buying process; shopping for your new home. We will set you up to receive listings that fit in the budgeted amount that you determined with your lender.

Together, we will compose a list of homes to tour that meet your criteria and set aside time to view  those properties.

On your first shopping day, we will discuss the ins and outs of the buying process for you. Setting these expectations up front helps us ensure a positive home buying experience.



Once you have found your new home, we will take care of preparing all the paperwork for you. We will discuss various inspection options that you have as a home buyer and work on getting you the best price within the current market. Once we have completed negotiations for you, the buyer, and the seller/sellers agent to come to an agreement on all terms for the purchase of your new home; you now have a ratified contract.

An EMD ( Earnest Money Deposit) will be required at this time and can vary in amount based off the particular home or contract. We will review this in more detail with you when we meet for the first time.



Your contract is ratified and it’s time to get to through the nitty gritty with your loan officer. They will request various documentation from you to fully approve your loan such as bank statements, W2’s, tax returns, income verification and more! Be diligent about getting this to your loan officer quickly so they can get you fully approved.

*Sometimes, a loan officer will have already collected some of these items during the pre-approval process and will likely just need updated documents.



 While you are getting full loan approval, any inspections that you opted to have will be completed during this time, as well as the appraisal for the home.

We are here to help with ordering the inspections and your lender will help with the appraisals.



The most exciting day of the entire home buying journey! Closing is a joint effort that is setup between the buying/seller agents, closing attorney or settlement company (depending on the state), and lender. 

Your final walk-through is typically this same day as well, prior to going to the settlement/attorney’s office.


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