Priced To Sell

One of the most important things we discuss at your “Seller Sit-down Session” is where to price your home. We both want the same things, a pleasant experience and a SOLD home so ultimately, this is partnership between Dream Driven Properties and you. Together, we will review all the market information and discuss our proposed sales price. All of this is determined off the MARKET VALUE of your home.

What is market value? This is the price that homes, with similar characteristics in the area, have SOLD for recently. A common misconception is that your home should only consider homes that are currently, Actively, being sold. Although we do look at this and take it into consideration, it does not give us the actual market value of a home. 




Discover the worth of your most valuable asset – your home! Take the first step towards making informed decisions about your property by finding its accurate market value. Don’t wait any longer, get a free estimate of your home’s worth today!


What Happens When Your Home is Overpriced?


  • Little to no showings on your home from perspective buyers.
  • Appraisal issues causing a potentially failed transaction or possibly selling below market value.
  • Making competitive properties more appealing than yours.
  • Wasted Marketing $$$
  • Taking Longer to Sell

Our Goal is Always SOLD!

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